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Mod 50

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Ive spent about a year or so modding this bike. And Im contemplating selling it. I dont know if it'd be better to sell as a whole or part it...what do people think? If serious inquiries text me 8082957275.


sik50s +1 frame


crf70 forks with billet top clamp and bars. Setup for disc or drum brakes. Has BBR HD springs and 20wt oil.

iShock with resi

Five-O billetware swinger with sik50s chain guide


custom painted plastics(mustang silver base with a blue top coat) with sik50s see through graphics, matching BBR skid plate and cutaway ignition cover

Two Brothers Tall seat


Sik50s Stratos hub polished and mounted with 200mm rotor.

BBR Blue 12/10 rims with HD BBR spokes with street tires.

Rear stock hub


Stock 05 motor. Has Uni air filter.

50stunt rocker cover

sik50s skull cam cover

Yoshi pipe not the CF one

Kitaco 124se motor with new top end also availble


sik50s sprocket

new DID chain

Freestyle Ingenuity 12 bar

Blue ASV lever setup

Pro taper throttle housing

Fast50s blue aluminum gas cap and blue breather

Lightspeed cf tank cover

Kitaco CDI

custom 50stunt handbrake setup(cant be used on a stock 50)

Blue Chain roller

Prolly forgetting a couple things too, if I remember them I will add them
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts