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Mn mini moto??

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Does mini moto exist in Minnesota? Pleas say so so, ha if not I'm lookin to ride somewhere... Any one know what's up?
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Staples indoor this weekend I should hopefully be there
You got red barons now to. When they going to be ready?
Haha that's sweet we'll I should be getting the rest of my bike put together tomorrow
badkippy said:
maybe if you had a mechanic that would be willing to work around the clock
You are my mechanic haha I'd never get my bikes done if you didn't help
bravedave420 said:
Yea man turns out that dumb shock mount doesnt work for my Elka.. Gotta wait for my other frame.. I'm about to stud my mini.. I mean you can't really get dirty on the ice .. So why not .. Any one got any ideas for cool decals for my number plates.. I like the number 420 ..
420 what's that stand for haha? Hit up he will hook you up with sweet graphics.
badkippy said:
Wags needs to hook Dave up for some monster truck events. Only if he has a costume that is.
Yeah I need to get ahold of the monster truck guys
mr.skywalker said:
Is that an Anima in a 10"?!! i bet that is a bit much to handle, my old daytona 150 was too much in tight stuff, that must be killer.
Yeah that's the new anima 150. It's a fricken tight fit but we got it ill post pics when it's totally done just got a few minor things left. I'm going to ride it at a indoor track in a couple weeks so will see how fast it is its going to be my 10inch pro bike for Vegas.
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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