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Mmsx 2013

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Where will it be?
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I think the biggest downfall for this years was that it was on Sunday.
If Cowboys Stadium is available it would become MMMX then. Haha
motoxmaniac265 said:
Hello Guys
We are from Ontario Canada and would like to ride the MMSX 2013
We have not been able to get any info from anywhere about whether or not the event is going to happen.
Can anyone give us some contact info so we can find out ?
The website has the date posted but that is all I have seen so far.
wags368 said:
rumor has it minimoto is pretty much forsure on and might get moved back to friday which would be awesome
Good to hear. Especially the Friday word.
sanodave said:
As of today (Halloween) It will be at least 2 more weeks until we know any details.
Thank you
wags368 said:
They should have two races a year
Would love that.
LFC911 said:
Very bummed the MMSX is on Sunday on top of the AX finals...was hoping to make the trip again and do both like we did 2 years ago but i guess now we'll have to choose.

I wish the promoters would move it back to the South Point.
On top of the AX finals? How does that work? I didn't get to attend last years so I'm not up on the schedule now.
Oh ok. Now I got ya.
That kinda sucks.
1 - 8 of 47 Posts
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