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Mmsx 2013

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Where will it be?
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wouldnt be a bad idea , u got alot of ppl out here that dont wanna make the drive to vegas , why not give the guys over here a shot and make the west coast travel
I like the idea of a series set up like that then at the end of the east and west series all end up at Cowboy stadium.

You'll never get MMSX out of vegas......................As long as the $$$ is there, to keep it there. And because of all the other things going on that weekend.

Re-ward $ and 12" mid size(if re-covered) still waiting on someone................................Just think Vegas MMSX is around the corner and with the re-ward money and the mid size(if re-covered) you'll have the weekend of a life time.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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