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Mmsx 2013

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Where will it be?
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the xjr 90 ss is the same thing as a crf 50 just china made the braaap on the other hand is way built up compared to any other stock 50 size bikes but i still havent seen one there yet. from what i heard its going to be back at the orleans again.
rumor has it minimoto is pretty much forsure on and might get moved back to friday which would be awesome
yeah it says that on the web site but i called a few weeks ago just to make sure everything was a go so i could get my tickets and stuff and i was told pretty much forsure on and it might get moved to friday possibly. location most likely orleans again. which i dont care as long as they have it.
Minimoto is on Sunday with practice on Saturday same as last year and its still at the Orleans too
Yeah that would be sweet they could easily do it when they travel around doing there enduro cross stuff. I'd probably have to hit up all three if they did that
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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