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I have a few items for sale.

#1-Sano systems 1/4 turn throttle-----$10.00

#2-Hydraulic clutch----$25.00

#3-10" tube---$5.00

#4- +1 shifter---$5.00

#5-Oil cooler---$20.00

The throttle is used, but was changed over to a BBR that has a 90 degree cable on it. This is a straight cable. The hydraulic clutch was mounted, but never used. It needs a bleeder for the oil such as the ones on the magura style hydraulic clutch. The stock screw does it no good. The tube is brand new. Shifter is brand new, and oil cooler is brand new. I believe it is for the newer pitster style gpx motors on the x4 and such. Everything is B.O. so throw me some offers. I am located 10 min. from detroit, so shipping can be arranged.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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