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I have some cables and what not. the top one is a stock 50 throttle/brake/killswitch-$12.

2nd is a stock xr70 front brake cable. might work for an extented front brake cable on a 50.$15

3rd one down is just a misc. brake cable $10

50 and 70 chain guard. $5 each

stock shifter $10

front brake lever $8

stock CDI $15

xr/crf 70 fork springs $25

xr/crf 70 airbox $10

last is some answer boots. they are in ok condition , they need a few buckles but the soles are still pretty good. Perfect for a growing youngster $25-all prices include shipping to the 48.-edit i think the boots are size 7 or 8 :)

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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