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Some parts that have been laying around need to go.

1) 10" black wheel either fast 50's or cyclone ,straight no bends just some scuff marks from tire changing.$30.00 shipped.

2)New 12" blue cyclone $35.00 shipped.

3)Used chomoly pegmount with BBR/IMS pegs ,straight but someone had the stops on the end of the pegs welded where they rest on the mount to keep them level .I've had to do this on some new pegs that I've bought so they set level does not affect use.$45.00 shipped.SOLD

4) Stock fork leg covers $10.00 shipped SOLD

5)BBR supercomp soft leverage block new $40.00 shipped

6)Used pro taper bmx bars ,clearcoat wore off in places but seem straight.$30.00 shipped

7)1-1/8 Universal mini bars nice straight bars ktm mini bend I believe $40.00 SHIPPED

8)Powermadd hand gaurds with billet mounts exc.$45.00 shipped

9)stock crf brake hub with brakes and fresh powdercoat.$30.00 shipped

[email protected] will ship out day after paid.


1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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