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Minnesota riders

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Hey guys I'm wondering if anyone in Minnesota would be interested in a single race or a three race series. I'm going to talk to a couple different series to do it at and make a actual pit bike track. I'm hopping to do it in central mn. I'd like to do three classes a 10 inch stk/mod class, 12 stk/mod class and open for everything else. I'd be willing to through up some prizes,money or possible a pit bike to hopefully get a lot of people to race. I'd like to know if anyone is interested. Thanks Justin.
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FYI there is a decent group of mini moto riders in the TC metro area, so throw on some slicks come race with us at DCTC or the Eau Clair kart track. We are racing indoors right now at Pro-Kart Burnsville. See:


A bunch of MN guys will be mini-moto racing at the Menards kart track in Eau Claire this Sunday. Cheap and easy as it gets, you can race with moto-x gear so you don’t need leathers. We also have a kids class for 5+year olds.

We are also looking for more riders so pass this on. If you need wheels or tires to borrow to try out let me know.
Here's a video of the last mini-motard race in Eau Claire. We can always use more riders. I have wheels/tires to loan out if you need them. It's even more fun than it looks!

1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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