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Minnesota riders

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Hey guys I'm wondering if anyone in Minnesota would be interested in a single race or a three race series. I'm going to talk to a couple different series to do it at and make a actual pit bike track. I'm hopping to do it in central mn. I'd like to do three classes a 10 inch stk/mod class, 12 stk/mod class and open for everything else. I'd be willing to through up some prizes,money or possible a pit bike to hopefully get a lot of people to race. I'd like to know if anyone is interested. Thanks Justin.
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I'm rounding a couple people up, this post will definitely help!
Is there gonna be a sign up or something we can setup to see whose all down?
Me and four others will be ready located in the Princeton area. We got a few tracks here to ride and would be awesome to get some more people out ridin with us
hows the weather today? Im always down to ride
Cold and rainy today. Hoping to get some motos in Saturday or even tomorrow after work. Where you from?
bemidji, an theres quite a few guys that ride here too
Nice. My dad has a cabin up by debs corner on moose lake just south of red lake res if you know where that is. Next time I get up there ill have to look you up
definetly man add me on snap chat , bravedave420
Im hoping.. Lets atleast get some ride days planned, i should have a track being put together in the next month or two
We got a couple tracks here in the Princeton area waiting to be shredded
im down to ride any day , let me know!
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Welcome to pm, hopefully something happens soon, i need to ride!
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