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Minnesota riders

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Hey guys I'm wondering if anyone in Minnesota would be interested in a single race or a three race series. I'm going to talk to a couple different series to do it at and make a actual pit bike track. I'm hopping to do it in central mn. I'd like to do three classes a 10 inch stk/mod class, 12 stk/mod class and open for everything else. I'd be willing to through up some prizes,money or possible a pit bike to hopefully get a lot of people to race. I'd like to know if anyone is interested. Thanks Justin.
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That's what I'm hoping I'd like to get atleast ten for each class
I'm going to talk to motocityraceway he's always been open to pit bike classes. I'd like to build a Minimoto style track in there indoor facility.
I'm hoping people will dust there bikes off and come race if there's a little incentive haha. I want to do a track that's actually setup more for pitbikes not just ride a big bike track. They have a indoor track that I can do a Minimoto style track or a bigger outdoor track just trying to work out details on what would work best for them.
Talked with the track in staples Minnesota some more today and there willing to do a few races. Sounds like we're going to do it on Saturday nights before the district races on Sunday. I'm pretty sure there will be big bike practice that Saturday during the day to. We will have the option of using there indoor facility which I would build like a mini Moto track. There is also a big outdoor track setup up for smaller bikes with good dirt. So we won't be just racing on a big bike track. Im thinking there will be a bike up for grabs and other prizes. If we're doing three or four races we might do points also. So let's get the word out and I'm going to figure out dates here soon.
Yeah that's what I'm thinking.
I'll be getting dates set up soon.
Wags any idea when you are targeting for a date? I need to get my mini fixed up lol
I'm thinking the first one will be in the beginning of May.
1 - 9 of 35 Posts
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