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MiniMotoSX Rules Clarification

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I know we're months away from MMSX 2013, but I'm trying to eliminate any (and all) reasons that keep me from being able to go this next year. This will be my 1st visit to MMSX, so I want to make sure I'm not missing something about the rules. I did try to email [email protected], but that email address is no longer valid. Anyway, on to my questions...

I'm assuming the wheel base rule for the 12MMA class "Maximum Wheel Base is 49 inches" is measured axle to axle? Can anyone confirm that for me?

In regards to the MM12 Stock/Mod class. "The following items must remain “Bone Stock”: Engine cases, Engine head and cylinder (No AFTERMARKET aluminum heads allowed, no cylinder spacers allowed)" Since we have the option to bore the stock cylinder, can we run mods within the stock head? For example: aftermarket cam and/or porting work.

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Carpool! I'm ready. And when we get there I'll unbolt and sell cokehams handlebars to slow him down. Count me in
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