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Minimoto sx 2013!

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Who's ready? I can't wait! One of my favorite races of the year including big bike races !
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Sean311 said:
What day is it going to be on?
So far what I have heard is that it will be on Sunday again.
theryanlazar said:
Yeah. It is on Sunday again. I wish it was still friday night but at Least it's happening! & 10 year anniversary of it !
Seems crazy it's been that long. Every time somebody asks me how long I've been going I think holy shit I can't believe I've been going for 6 years already.
ridered_508 said:
”MM8 - Vintage Z50 vs. CRF50 88cc"<- are they running this class this year?

8 Rear/ Front Wheel Amateur Class - No current AMA Pro license holders allowed. Must be 18 years of age or older as of race date.

What is a "current AMA Pro license holder"

Only reason I'm asking is a I had my AMA Pro Singles license in 2012 and want to ride this class this year at minimoto and can put off renewing my license until June..

also what number range does this class have? (Number plates) The website doesn't have this one listed like the other classes..
I hope they run it again this year. Although my bike is nowhere near competitive it is still fun.
My guess would be if you held off renewing you would be ok but you should probably contact the Minimoto people to be sure.
To find out the numbers I would say to contact them also. I'm sure they just forgot since I bet most of the riders for the 8" are double classing which would mean they have a number from a different class anyway.
Can it run in the 12 stock mod class. Help me my mini moto friends. My tech guy is out of town...:) email me [email protected]
That's a hard one man. Might need to just call or email Minimoto themselves.
In my opinion it should be allowed but the bike has a few extras that are listed as not allowed even though on that bike they are stock.
The class rules do not specify a 110L though so I'm not sure.
Haha. I didn't even realize that it was Becky commenting.
In my opinion the L should be allowed. And I don't own a L if you guys are thinking that. Lol
KLX110L has a clutch.
Not allowed in MM12 Stock/Mod or MM12 Youth Stock/Mod
Is the clutch dual action? Because that is stated as being allowed as long as the lever is removed.
What about making clutches legal? I don't know if I am really for that but I believe a few years ago the bikes had to remain 3 speeds until the new 110s came out with the 4th gear and then that was changed.
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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