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Millng cylinder head?

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I was wondering if anybody has had their cylinder heads milled to raise compression? if so how much did you take off? .. i know that by milling the head you're Increasing the amount of Slack Avalible in the Timing chain So is there anything you can do about that like a timing chain that has like 1 less link or just expect the automatic Timing chain tensioner to take up the slack?
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when you mil a head you are take .003-.006 off the head so the chain will not matter
milled head

use loctite 518 for a base gasket no gasket will lower cyc&head gave the 70 a little more mid rangeWARNING TURN MOTOR OVER BY HAND make sure everything will clear ive only done this on 70cc and larger motors
well first thing is first u dont just mill it down .oo3 or .006 that is like he size of a hair u mill it about .020 or u realy can go all out and u use playdo and u put it onto of the piston bolt on the head do not start it you move the flywheel around once and the take it of and see ho far away you are from the piston or anything else then u mill it but u always leave about .030 gap that way when it gets hot and all the other moving parts get hot they get bigger so leave about .030 to .035 and you sould be good
ops sorry one to many 0's .030 is what i ment and i think you would be getting very close because i think there is only .060-.080 clearence there anyway and i think it would bring the comprestion up to high for wear the timing is set at so it would not run that good and you would need to run race gas no matter what really not worth it i think
Powroll makes a 13.5:1 high comp pistion. But it's $134
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