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Hey you guys

I'm new here and i hope i've done everything right with my new topic.

The problem is that i've bought a Mikuni VM26 carburator for my Jialing 125cc engine, and now it just wont work.

I've understood that i will have to tune the carb for my engine, and i know allmost everything about tuning carburators but this one wont do it.

I'll just start with a short description of my problem.

When i try to start my bike with the throttle-needle-clip on the top needle-cut the engine "spark's" a few times and then it dies.

If i at this point pull the choke on and try again the engine runs on sky-high RPM's.

If i put the needle-clip on the second needle-cut (counted from the top) the bike allmost starts, but it dont.

If i put the needle-clips on the third needle-cut the bike starts and it run on VERY high RPM's again.

I've tried turning the air-screew in the both directions but it still wont work.

The carburator is cleaned by me and i've checked so that the engine can't suck air from somewhere it should not.

If there's something that's hard to understand then please tell me so that i can fix it.

I'm actually a 14yo Swedish guy but the other guys on our swedish forum couldn't answer the question.

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