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mike metzger bike..

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THis is a joker throttle ad pic.. im looking for actual pics of this bike please.

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Trust that bike is the sikkest bike you'll ever see!!!
no worrys ill see it in person in a few week but in smaller version
I knew thats what you had ill try and find itt
im just stock on the swingarm woundering to do it or leave it..
power coated or anodized..?
here are a few i found of a similar bike of his

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click the pics to see the whole thing and bigger
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leave it according to these pics. im pretty sure its the same frame just different plastics
think its powder coated or anodized?
looks like pc, i think it looks too shiny and kinda thick to be anodized. maybe a heavy candy pc
im not sure, can you polish up anodized stuff to be that shiny? ive just never seen any personaly that look like that. thats why i was thinking some kind of powdercoat
ya i figure candy apple now i gotta find a place in socal to do the work and dip it.
BORN2RIDE#56 said:
candy apple red powder coat with flake

sounds like a match to me
are you going to replicate this bike with one of your klxs? or build a crf perimeter bike
moto234 said:
are you going to replicate this bike with one of your klxs? or build a crf perimeter bike

a BBR 50 would be sick....

not sure was just looking for more pics of this bike really.
thats a hard one to find pics of. maybe find his email and write him a message?
i searched mike metzger kawasaki and it popped up lol i knew it was a honda but i couldnt get anything to pop up with cr or honda
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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