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Midsize Of The Month For March & April 2017

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Midsize Of The Month For March & April 2017..First ten bikes posted are in the contest.
12" wheels and up only.

**Try not to post remarks until all the bikes have been posted.**
**Please don't quote anyone's post with pics either.**

Best of luck.

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Nothing fancy, it's my "spare" I like to call it PLAN-B. Not a 12" guy but whatever gotta have one right? Hahah

Old style zokes
Two bros swingarm with racetech shock
Kx65 wheels (excel rims, rad spikes, stock powdercoated hubs)
STR brake kits front and rear (galfer rotors, yzf master cylinders, kx65 calipers)
Tak clutch
Tak 138
PC exhaust
Bbr unmarked dress up
Two bros skid and brake pedal
Asv levers
L plastic swap
I believe that's about it.

If anyone has green shrouds and is looking for some black ones.........I know a
1 - 9 of 9 Posts