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Mid_ SIze Pro Takegawa DOHC

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PLease DO not Junk this thread up, if interested post or PM if not have a nice day.

Transmission went on my truck so im now forced to sale my bike. Bike was just built, everything on its is new to mint.

Costella mid-size pro frame with different bend same as there new frame style bend.

maybe i should just buy a new truck and do payments and not worry about paying it full.

New swingarm

New front/Rear tire,hubs,spokes..

New marzocchi shock

new chain

new sprocket

marzocchi old style Forks hard anodized and re-did for a 175 pound rider with 5.0 springs

Takegawa motor Built by who we all know very well Slayer66

takegawa 124 HD vavlue's and Springs lighten flywheel

Kitaco clutch, Takegawa clutch cover, 3 speed, 26mm carb, JOker throttle.

Running on straight U4.2

Bikes is very light and very sick, i hate to let it go but now that i have to truck to drive to work im forced to something fast.

6k picked up 6300 shipped.

motor 2300 shipped

Roller 3900 shipped

plastics not included.

midsize pro frame set up 2200 shipped

marzocchi forks 1250 shipped

bbr rear brake set up 550 shipped​

If Interested please contact me, Slight mod 110 and cash could work i just need to get my truck fixed or buy a new one asap.

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2300 shipped for motor

3700 shipped for roller

6300 shipped complete or 6k picked up
well worth the money.. ttt
i'm a lil confuse!!! its a mid size with 50 mounts???

how's that???
fredimmotoca said:
i'm a lil confuse!!! its a mid size with 50 mounts???

how's that???

BBR made there perimiter frame so they cold run a 50 base motor to have a lighter bike.

There new style frame let you beable to switch back and forth 110 or 50 motor..
couple offers, PMs sent
seth if you need help gettin a trans for your truck let me know..
seth, did you get that frame from that guy don in bonita s.d.?
PMs Sent might be getting close to being sold..
Somone buy this, i just bought a stock 110 and man im hooked!
make offer on what you want.
Somone need a sick ride or some sick parts?..
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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