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Metal dust

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How much metal dust is commen with a brand new engine. I just heat cycled my new GPX for three runs. On the third run I took it for a couple laps(no crazy revs)and let it cool. Then I let it warm up again and changed the oil when it was hot. I have a magnetic drain plug(which I did not have with the first engine)and it had some metal dust along with some gasket material stuck to it. I know some is normal but there was a glob the size of a small BB,but all dust?
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It's probably just one of the tranny bearings digging into the case or something. J/K

Was that all you had? All of the dust equalled one little BB?
Yeah, I wasnt expecting that much? Is this normal, after Fridays race I am going to change the oil again, hope that was the end of it.
If you ever get a chance to remove the clutch cover or split the cases and look around you will see why you have all those shavings. I don't think they pay any attention to tight clearances in these china engines. The clutch basket moves around too much and I have seen them almost rub the head off of the detent bolt b/4. What you're seeing probably isn't coming from the top end.
If I were you id drain the oil and pop the clutch cover off and see what goin on in there.
Ive seen that much out of a new honda motor.

I see it in atv engines all the time at the shop doing first services but I just know that the tolerances in these china engines isn't that great.
don't worry it's normal all new engines do it to some extent i always drain my oil thru a paint strainer to see what i get as long as they are not copper i don't worry copper is used on the main bearings
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