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No, we will offer ONLY a 'YX / DirtMax alternative' to other 'Branded' linkage rollers/complete bikes. We will publish test results, pics & video immediately be they good or bad. If they are good we will have a container coming ASAP. If they need work (whatever that may be), we will assist YX with more testing until they will meet everyones high-expectations. Either way you will know the results ASAP as we are not going to spend $70K+ on a container of linkage rollers we hope are going to work?

I heard the YX linkage roller it is supposed to be flying out of China next week. I hope this is true. However, the YX linkage bike is just toooooo new to comment on right now. :dunno:

If you have specific questions please just PM us at your liesure. If you need a bike this month or next, there are plenty of quality dealers/importers who can help you on this forum.

I am hopefull that this new rear suspension alternative gets the (to quote MXA magazine) 'stinkbug' feel out of the Chinese bikes going forward no matter what flavor roller you buy or when you buy it.

I am personally waiting for Honda to get the bugs out of there 09 crf 450 so I can buy a 2010 in August... but that is just me.

Whatever you ride, 10" 50, 12" 160+, 250f / 450f - I hope it brings some joy to you...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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