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Honda NSR 50 AC08 1989
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Im recently bought a NSR50 from 1989 for my girlfriend.
It's a bit rough shaped but I think I'm able to make this a fine build for her first motocycle.
Ive looked around here but all manuals that I found are for the NSR 2004 and up. As far as I know, the first generation was build from 89 to 95.

There are some changes for the european/german market e.g. the 4 speed transmission and the CDI have a rev limit around 6k-8k
but I think this doesn't matter so much in the Manual.

Could anyone provide me the old service manuals :)

My first step is to service the front fork because it's leaking.


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yes the model they commonly talk about here as nsr50 is the little 50cc racer with 12 icnh wheels, not the european nsr50 moped with 17"front wheel and 18" rear wheel like they have in europe. this can be a bit confusing sometimes.

i have the workshop manual for the european ac08 nsr moped in dutch on my computer, i think that is the only one that is available for download on internet, so i bought the book itself on ebay. the book has dutch, english, french and german in it, so probably the best to get one on ebay. they can be expensive though, i had to pay 75 euro's for mine.

unfortunately it is difficult to find a workshop manual for some models, i myself am still looking for a workshop manual for the second mtx50 model, made from 1986 onwards. it seems impossible to find.

also it can be very difficult to find the exact differences between the moped models for different countries, honda used about a million different parts combinations so sometimes finding the right part can be a nightmare.

if you need parts drawings it is best to go to and type in nsr 50. there you can find the german model in the list.

as far as i know there is no cdi limiter in any of the models except maybe the mbx80s model.
the german nsr 50 moped model is restricted in the following way:
-cilinder with low port timing and without boost port.
-reed valve which only opens a few millimeter
-12mm carburettor
-small hose between the carburettor and airfilter
-small intake hose on the airfilter
-the straight pipe of the exhaust continues past the first exhaust cone

simplest way do derestrict it is to get a 50 or 70cc tuning cilinder and an aftermarket exhaust like the cheap proma gp, or the cheap techno exhaust. bend open the reed valve stoppers until it just fits into the cilinder, and get the bigger air hoses from for example an mbx80 model. that way you'll get anywhere from 80 to 100 km/h.
the stock german cilinder is not worth tuning.
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