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making more power(88cc content)

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i have a panterra 72cc,with an e22 head,now running a 88cc DRATV big bore kit.

ive got a SDG Exhaust,PZ19 Carb,air filter,and nothing else really.

i want to try and get as much power as i can out of this for very little money.

whats your suggestions?

i was thinking about sending the head to [email protected] and having it ported and polished,but im not sure if i have enough money.

ive heard a myth that using a dremel to your stator plate bolt holes with allow you to advance,retard the timing,i dont like screwing with timing,so i havent messed with it.

i was also told try getting a high rev CDI box.

any suggestions,advice,id like to hear it.


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your going to have to spend more that 50 to get it going faster. the rev box will help with the bore kit.
i figured that,i just dont want to be spending like 600 every 6 months,id rather just do some little things here and there to get it going quicker,im no stranger to mechanicals,i can take engines apart,i work on cars for a living(older vw's,rabbit gti's,golfs,jettas,sciroccos(owned 2),so im quite used to the mechanical side of engine work,but these engines are very user friendly to me.
Chinese IRK should give it some snap. Did you get the 88 kit for the e22/race head?
i got the regular high compression big bore 88cc kit from DRATV(beatrice cycle).
as firepower asked is that the right piston for the particular head you have. if it isnt that be the first place to start is get the right one. AHP mark does really good work, while its there id buy a G2 cam from him to and that will really wake up your 88.
my head is the regular e22 head,not the big valve e22 head.
u can fit superhead, we have make a chineese 88+R

NO MODS for fit the engine kit on a 88 chineese engine and the bike is fast as hell !
85spraybomb said:
my head is the regular e22 head,not the big valve e22 head.

23/20 valves?

Link to the 88 kit? If it's for a 50, and you used a large chamber head, it will be low on compression? Was the piston flat, near flat, or have a 1/4" dome?
this is the 88cc kit i purchased, 88CC_CYLINDER_KIT ALLOY_CYLINDER ALL_XR70 ALL_CRF70 PASSPORT_82&UP C70_CT70_82&UP 50s_W/BIG_HEAD (1-12_2-11_1-38)

as far as compression,it seems to have alot when your kickstarting it.

if only you guys woulda asked me these questions before i put the kit in,i might have been able to get pics of the piston.
That piston should be fine, dome looks close to our 52.4mm pistons that I use on the 23/20mm heads. I second getting the Crower cam, it really helps and the cams have come down in price over the last few months (only $49 now.) If you do decide on the head work either through us or someone else, that is going to really help your power delivery throughout the entire RPM range as well.

Here is the cam for you to look at - Ahp Minis
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