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For use with manual clutch. Use this mod to bumpstart your klx/drz 110 while it is in gear!

Note, i have the ignition cover off the engine in these pictures. there is no need to remove the ignition cover

Tools Needed:

8 mm T-handle

electric tape

electric fitting (sitting atop tape)

#2 phillips screwdriver

#3 phillips screwdriver

wire cutters


Use 8mm T-handle to take off chain guide, 3 screws

Find the black wrapped set of two wires coming from the Bump Start Unit, and unhook the connector in the Black Boot

Now unscrew the top and bottom screws from the Bump Start Unit

Pro Tip: unscrew the bottom screw first. if done with chain on, roll the bike so chain moves and screw can back all the way out

Pro Tip: press firmly on the Bump Start Unit while unscrewing the top (second) screw. these stock units tend to get brittle with time and the top tab will break off if you do not press firmly on the unit until the screw is out

note, here i am using an allen wrench. your bike may have phillips head screws here if stock

Remove the Bump Start Unit

Now wipe the passage free of dirt and other loose material. Remove Oring, inspect, replace if necessary, then put Oring back into passage

Working with the Stock Bump Start Unit

here is the Bump Start Unit, uninstalled

Now cut the black wrapped wires, like shown, at the Bump Start Unit. Cut as close as you can to the Unit.

After cutting, safely cut away the black wrap, making sure to not damage the 2 wires inside.

Then strip the sheath off of the light green wire

Now take the exposed wire from the light green wire and put it through the Electric Fitting, and wrap excess around end

Pro Tip: I bend this fitting now, for ease of later use. look ahead at how the fitting is screwed onto the cases, and see if this is something you wish to do. If you wish to do it, i would suggest bending it before insertion of the wire

Now place Fitting with wire though, into a vice and shut the hole so the wire is secured into the fitting.

mine looks like this afterward

Now Wrap this end of the wire in electric tape, using enough so it seems somewhat water tight. I use the tape more as protection from pulling the wire out of the fitting.

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