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Lots of unused iShocks for CRF70/KLX/DRZ110!

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I'm parting out my company as I'm closing it down and I have a couple of iShocks left over. I think all of them comes with instructions, stickers and tools, at least they are unused and still in their box.

1 - M1-A3 275mm (Heavy) CRF70/KLX/DRZ110 - $175
2 - M1-A4 260mm (Standard) KLX/DRZ110 - $220/each
2 - M1-A4 275mm (Standard) CRF70/KLX/DRZ110 - $220/each
1 - M1-A6 260mm (Light) KLX/DRZ110 - $280
1 - M1-A6 260mm (Standard) KLX/DRZ110 - $300
2 - M1-A6 275mm (Standard) CRF70/KLX/DRZ110 - $300
All prices are OBO.

Buyer pays shipping, I'll ship world wide.
Payment through paypal (I will not charge any extra fees)

If you are looking for iShocks to your CRF50, please have a look at my other thread >
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