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lots of parts for sale..

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i have a bunch of mod parts laying around for 110s

takegawa cable clutch with asv lever... $200... (SOLD!

(bran new)2 takegawa primary gear.... $60each (SOLD!

(bran new)two bros rev box.... $50 (SOLD!

kitaco 143 bore kit..2 hours on it.. $130(REDUCED

(bran new)HD stiff clutch springs... $15 (SOLD!

a few more lil stuff layin around lemme know if ur interested.... or email me at [email protected]


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I'll take the clutch springs. They're brand new right?
I'd like to see some pics of the takegawa clutch and asv lever.
i thought you said they sold for 18$?? My offer still stands at 13$.
Whaaaatt??? ^^^ he told me you offered 18.... :confused:
pm sent on one of your "takegawa" primary gears...
Anything wrong with the clutch cover other than it not being shinny? I may take it off your hands.
So I guess 15 shipped for springs is my offer and your asking price?
yea 15 shipped for the springs and the clutch was beadblasted
evrythins was shipped today at 11a.m.
did you want to sell the rev box or is it already gone?
still have the rev box and 143 bore kit
Anyone need a good bore kit?
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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