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Here is what I have for sale.

*Brand new fast50s black hd rim with hd spokes 10" ($80 shipped)

*Fast50s 10" rim laced to a stock front hub with regular spokes, millville tire and tube - ($120 shipped)

*Fast50s 10" rear rim laced to a stock rear hub with HD spokes and a new shinko tire with tube(tube has slow leak) - ($140 shipped)

*Oakley MX Oframe goggles brand new - take ur color pic ($30 shipped per pair)

*MX Oakley Oframe tear offs ($10 shipped)

*MSR Mx Bars for mini or 80cc and less mini bike - ($60 shipped)

*BRAND NEW KLX/DRZ 110 ISHOCK v2 series 260mm 450lb. spring - ($210 shipped)

*2003 xr88 engine with, 88 takegawa cylinder and piston, and takegawa camshaft. STOCK carb/HEAD. HD Clutch springs. FAST 50s BILLET ENGINE DRESS UP KIT EVEN magnetic drain plug, oil dipstick, everything. cut ignition cover as well. ($650 shipped)

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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