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i was trying to sell it but decided i would just go back to 50's...

The bike has:

Black and Green UFO plastics

One Ind. Monster graphics

SDG Tall seat

Two Bros Bar Kit

Two Bros HD Fork Springs

I-shock -- 2 rides on it

kitaco 143 BBK -- 4 rides on it

24mm Mikini Carb -- 4 rides on it

Two Bros Blue Dress Up Kit

Rev Box

Jardine Pipe

Aftermarket Footpegs

Extended Shift Lever

I would prefer local but am willing to do shipping as long as the buyer will pay shipping cost...


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pic posted in first post. Im looking for a 50 with motor, chassis, suspension upgrades. Just not a stocker.

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I might be interested in trading + some cash cause i have over well over 3500 into this lil thing

04 Crf 50

Zokes up front with like 10 hrs tops

billetware cradle frame

storm mono +3 swingarm w/ fox vanilla shock

4up gpx 10 hrs tops

amr monster coil

amr cdi box

staggs 1/4 turn throttle

red baron graphics

HD rear wheel

Joker 39 tooth sprocket

Black Chain Guide

Staggs wide footpegs

uni airfilter

rk 420 chain

new chain roller

hbomb exhaust

head breather

tapered bearings

theres more but that is all i can think of at the moment

its not finished here


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[quote name='jeff mcclure']i repeat hold out for a bike with a honda motor!0

get out of here dude, i bet this motor will kill urs
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