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2005 Yamaha YZ125

If you're tired of paying costly repairs to your 250f's and 450f's this is the bike for you,, it is the only 125 worth buying because of the power they have compared to all the other 125's hands down,, bike is very crisp and still needs to be properly broken in! Bike is so clean you can eat off of it, got riden very few times and is taking up space at the shop and Shawn wants it out! LOL


-Brand new OEM piston and rings

-Changed out the OEM Crank to run the stronger Hot Rods Crank (Brand New)

-V-Force Reeds with brand new Reed pedals

-Engine Ice (Radiator fluid)


-Pro Circuit Pipe


-Front Enzo suspension w/ Paperwork

-Rear Enzo shock w/Paperwork


-Brand New Blue plastics

-Brand new Front and rear Bridgestone tires (403 front and 404 rear--$180 in tires)

-Brand new Heavy Duty front and rear tubes (Kenda $20 each tube)

-Step Seat like the pros use

Please contact me at my email [email protected] or give me a call at 714-392-5929 and ask for Gary, thanks.


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357 Racing said:
Man If I still lived in socal I would be all over that 125 pinger. :( Good luck on her sale. I bet she smells great. :)

You know what was funny is when I first got it I was telling Shawn that this is what I always looked forward to when going to supercross; 1)smelling the two stroke exhaust and 2) the sound of the hornets going toward the first turn!

IMO they should have 2 strokes for Supercross and 4 strokes for Motocross
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