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Looking for swing arm and chassis..ideas wanted

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First of all hi to all from Greece.

Just recently i bought my self a present....a 1979 Honda Gorilla bike.

Have it for 1 month and already have spent more than 1000

Now...i am looking into buying one or two things.

1) I would fancy a new (or used but in A class order) frame. I dont mind if it is from a monkey bike, since i guess most items will fit easily. So do you know of anyone selling a frame (in black preferably), or an online shop? Would gladly pay shipping costs..if the price is reasonable.

2) I was abought to buy a nice takegawa swing arm from but i was outbid last

So, anyone knows of a good looking swing arm for sale? Preferably takegawa, kitaco or any other make of good quality. I would prefer it to be slightly used and not new, as they seem to cost too many euros/dollars. Ideal size would be +16cm.

Thank you all in advance, as i know you will be of help.
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