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Looking for LOTS of parts. CRF 50/KLX 110

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I'm wanting to get ahold of a ton of of misc. parts so I can build a cheap bike on my own.At this point in time I need everything, so offer up! Depending on which bike is cheaper to build, I'm looking at probably an XR or CRF 50, or a 110. So, without further ado:- Complete roller, including forks, wheels, frame, plastics, everything but motor and drive related parts basically.- Complete engine, maybe an 88cc big bore if it's for the right price. More than likely I'll only be able to afford a stock motor though.- Exhaust kit: FMF, Pro Circuit, or a clean stock setup...Please don't offer up anything too expensive, as I need the entire bike to be in the $500 price range.PM me or post here.Thanks!
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good luck

You'll have a hard time finding bone stock 50s for 500 bones
i built a whole stock 110 off here, for around 550. I also had some left over parts off my mod.
Good deal, that's about the price I'm wanting to spend...

Really wish I could find something local, but MO has no pitbike scene.
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