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Look at this idiot haha

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found this on gooogle images under klx 110

Google Image Result for

Check out these picts of my bro-in-law......

I just put his new forks on for him, lasted about 15 mins.... $1000 down

the drain...

Notice the front tire is touching the engine.....

We were jumping a levie between 2 ochards, he cleared the jump and lost it

on the landing.... KLX 110 vs. Tree.... guess who won !!!
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I would hang myself if I did that to a brand new set of $1000 forks.
Pretty sure that picture was posted on 50cc racing like 3 years ago haha
haha i just thought it was funny
five21racing said:
that makes him an idiot?

are you gonna try to crash another one of my threads again for no reason thought it was funny
knucklehead459 said:
nice how is he doing?

i dont know the guy but i bet it hurt
Ya I saw that a while back. Super sad lol !!!!!!!

That's my buddy's web page.
badmatt828 said:
Ya I saw that a while back. Super sad lol !!!!!!!

That's my buddy's web page.

ya that sucks hows that website
Been kind of slow. The pitbike thing ain't as big as it was. Ya know!!!

But he's trying to keep it going.
does anybody know how much those hanebrink forks run new i dont know if 1000 is accurate?
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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