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These Alpinestars SP-3 gloves are like new. Very nice gloves and very comfortable. Problem is they are size small. I have small girly hands and they fit me well. They are really cool gloves. Good quality leather, clean... the white lettering is not dirty or stained. The "3" in SP3 on the left glove is slightly off-white, but you have to really look. They have padding by the heel of the palm and padding throughout the back of the glove on each finger for knuckles 1 & 2, and wrist padding as well. I am pretty sure this basically a glove for motorcycle racing minus the carbon fiber.

The cheapest I can find them is $69 shipped all over ebay and I think And one spot I saw them for $65 new, shipped.

I will do them for $40 shipped. They are in excellent condition, a few minuscule scuffs on the left palm, nothing to write home about. Overall in excellent shape.

Palm area.

Send payment to my PayPal: [email protected] Or a personal check, Ill just wait until it clears, or if you wanna send cash that's fine too. If you send the money because you really want them and you don't let me know, don't get scared. Just alert me via that email address provided or shoot me a call/text. 203.448.6402

Thanks for looking guys and gals.

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