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LIFAN help

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i bought a 72 cc lifan's great..but i can't get the carb to fit with the intake that comes with it...where can i buy an intake that fits??also...anyone have a diagram on how to wire up the electrics...i am havin a major brain fart on how to wire up the 4 prong rectifier..

Thanks in advance everyone!!!
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pm vince screen name(skindonor) He will set you up....Also has them....
Yo Vince! this guy needs you to work your magic 8)
Dammit I'am all out of magic but facts I got . give me a call at 909-674-5123 ask for Vince

Sounds like you need my 20mm carb with a manifold (this carb works best with the 72cc but it was not availible when they shipped me the motors) . then use your stock fiddy wiring harness and attach the black /white from the motor to your black / red wire on your harness then attach the black/red wire from the motor to your blue /yellow wire on your harness and bamm you should have spark.

Remember that carb is a 17mm it works fine with that motor but the intake was designed for a CT70 get your self a Takagawa ,Kitaco or call Mike at Trail bikes he has a intake that works . I have Kitaco ones in stock and should have my own soon once I get back from overseas how do i hook up the regulator/rectifier?? i want lights!! :)...oh and how much do one of your 110 inch monster motors cost?? i have 3 50's and they are in need of some stuff :)
Thanks Vince

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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