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skindoner, you still selling the 86cc motor? That motor is so hott, i raced against a guy that had one at the indoor motard race up at foxburo and i have an tb88 kit with a lifan bottom end manual 4 speed, e22 head and the guy weighed atleast double of me and his 86 motor pulled so hard out of the corners i conldnt believe it let alone catch up to him. The guy just checked out. I know he had a inner rotar kit on it but i know for a fact that wouldnt have made that big of a difference.

I have since had to down grade to a stock honda bottom end and a 72cc piston and sleeve which was my original lifan motor because i blew third gear out. I remember upon purchasing hereing that the shift between 2nd to 3rd was weak. Well its been way over two years when i purchased it. Half its life time was as a 72cc motor and the other half as a 88. The clutch never slipped and the tranny has been abused way more than it should have. I knew eventually it was going to happen. If i was going to do it all over again id do the same thing because nothing beats having a clutch and 4rth gear. Passing a stock 110 at half throttle is a good feeling. Plus my brother has the identical motor and hasn't had any issues what so ever.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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