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Hi there,

In the UK monkey bike scene loads of people have 110cc Chinese engines (as well as tuned Takegaway and Kitaco Honda engines). You can see loads of engines at some UK suppliers, the best website to go to is or there are also loads of info on them on the forum where you can also see links to other suppliers of these engines (pedshed / drp)

I have a 'China North' 110cc 4 speed engine in my Monkey bike and have tuned it up a bit - installed a high comp piston, 26mm Mikuni carb, ported the head, diferent cam etc - it's now good for nearly 70mph.

I'd suggest that if you want to get a 110cc engine the best one to get is the Zongshen (actually made in Thailand) as it's got a 4-plate clutch off the primary (so the engine spins quicker). The engines with the 2 plate clutches seem to slip a bit (mine certainly does even after fitting high comp springs)

Hope this helps,

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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