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Lifan engines on ebay? Any good?

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Hello everyone, first post here. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with Lifan engines and what their experience was. I have read all about how they are ISO 9000 certified and got all the tooling from honda on a patent that ran out after 30 years (ok, whatever). But, does anybody have any input on these engines. A big bore kit complete runs 350 to 550, but i can get a 90cc with 4 speed tranny for the same price, and still have my stock enging to put another 50 together as i start changing out parts on my bike. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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i hear they are having problems with the carberators and its hard to find jets for there carb. you can hook up a honda carb to it and jet it.
Hi there,

In the UK monkey bike scene loads of people have 110cc Chinese engines (as well as tuned Takegaway and Kitaco Honda engines). You can see loads of engines at some UK suppliers, the best website to go to is or there are also loads of info on them on the forum where you can also see links to other suppliers of these engines (pedshed / drp)

I have a 'China North' 110cc 4 speed engine in my Monkey bike and have tuned it up a bit - installed a high comp piston, 26mm Mikuni carb, ported the head, diferent cam etc - it's now good for nearly 70mph.

I'd suggest that if you want to get a 110cc engine the best one to get is the Zongshen (actually made in Thailand) as it's got a 4-plate clutch off the primary (so the engine spins quicker). The engines with the 2 plate clutches seem to slip a bit (mine certainly does even after fitting high comp springs)

Hope this helps,

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The motors also shift down instead of up, this was something I did not like. also the motor just does not have a clean,complete look to it.

UKRACER hit it on the spot

the Zongs are a great motor that with little mods can really produce some power.

We have thought of putting these on our completes, although we are currently working with SKINDONER on some engines that really seem to be the ticket. SKINDONER at is really putting some good stuff together for the future.

Milan Harris

Precision Cycles

[email protected]
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Hey I'am the US distributor for Lifan motors PM if you have any Questions

PS. remember it depends on what motor you get I have there best motors and have been racing them for over a year now with minimum problems
just to let you know the 86cc motors I use spank all the 110 cc (chinese) motors out there and they are exact copys of Honda motors (no electric start ) carbs are Honda parts . I've been to the factory in China and there Quality standards are the same as Honda factory's .

plus they are compatible with all the Takagawa and Kitaco kits .

PS. it took me over a year of research to find the right company and trust me Lifan is it
we now have a 3 valve 110cc motor that rips. plus we will be modifying it to even put more ponys out and showing Lifan how build them to our specs.

PS. I do agree the clutch the comes off the primary alows the motor to rev quiker but we are fixing that problem too for Lifan
skin donor what is your website so I can take a look at your lifan's. I am in the market for an engine, for a project bike.
website is being redesigned to acomidate our fiddy parts I will pm people the site they want it
We sell bikes with Lifan motors. Perform pretty good. No hassles yet.
skindoner, you still selling the 86cc motor? That motor is so hott, i raced against a guy that had one at the indoor motard race up at foxburo and i have an tb88 kit with a lifan bottom end manual 4 speed, e22 head and the guy weighed atleast double of me and his 86 motor pulled so hard out of the corners i conldnt believe it let alone catch up to him. The guy just checked out. I know he had a inner rotar kit on it but i know for a fact that wouldnt have made that big of a difference.

I have since had to down grade to a stock honda bottom end and a 72cc piston and sleeve which was my original lifan motor because i blew third gear out. I remember upon purchasing hereing that the shift between 2nd to 3rd was weak. Well its been way over two years when i purchased it. Half its life time was as a 72cc motor and the other half as a 88. The clutch never slipped and the tranny has been abused way more than it should have. I knew eventually it was going to happen. If i was going to do it all over again id do the same thing because nothing beats having a clutch and 4rth gear. Passing a stock 110 at half throttle is a good feeling. Plus my brother has the identical motor and hasn't had any issues what so ever.
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would be cool to have one of their v-twins...
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