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Lifan 150 engine for sale

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Lifan 150 engine for sale came out of a 2008 thumpstar mdx 150, it has about 6 hrs. On it and runs great very fast, comes with motor,motor electrical,shifter,kickstarter basicly everything except carb. $325.00 shipped in the lower 48 states


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YX140 to be precise. Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread, just helping specify what it is.
Randy bought my Thumpstar MDX 150cc. That is the engine that came with the bike new from the factory. Every spec sheet I can find online shows the bike coming with a lifan??????

Thumpstar MDX Super 150 150cc Mid Size Pit Bike mini dirt bike [url] SSR Pitster[/url]

Pictures show what is obviously the same engine, and the description says Lifan.

I'm not arguing with anyone, I know you guys know your stuff. However I am slightly confused.
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It looks to be an early 150 model. I see it has the lifan 150 cylinder and what looks to be a lifan BVH. All on top of a ?lifan 140? bottom end ??
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