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lifan 125cc good motor?????

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Iam looking at buying a lifan 125cc motor for 175.00 for my sons bike and was wondering if this is a good motor.
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Whats up with the shifting?
Too many neutrals. Some have decent luck, some replace the star(dunno with what)
Thanks, if i get the motor i will look into the shift star. Are parts for this motor pretty easy to come by?
I ran the piss out of mine i think i fried the rings and it still runs well, i have a hard time finding neutral. where would one buy that shift star.
the tranny shafts have bad castings, they tend to snap or the teeth chip the gears, as for the shift star, i just grinded new grooves for the lever to seat into, it also shifts smoother too, i think the best way to go is to get a extream scr cooper tranny, the gears are alot thicker, and the casting is better, im building a motor now with that tranny
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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