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Leveling out!!

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I am peicing together a 110 with a kx65 rearend and I am having the funnest time fabricating the rear a little everyday after school. I got everything tacked together today and ended up with A$$ end up. I think a majority of the problem is becuase I have stock forks and also I dont have a motor in. :( So i am working on buying a motor right now. So what should I do with my forks. I'm looking for best deal for the cheapest buck. E6? KX60? Dampening rods..? Or should I just do some super saving and buy KX65 frontend?

I took some pictures with my phone that are very shi77y.

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You need longer forks for sure. I'd suggest the GPX front end conversion that Pitster sells. It comes with new GPX forks (like on the X4), triple clamps, disc brake, front wheel and bars.
+1 go with the gpx forks cheap and work great
So on ebay there is a set there for like $399 free shipping. But I don't think they are the right ones cause on pister there like $600+? Which i could not afford.

Now for the Christmas/B-day Delema. I told my dad I wanted a motor for like $450 shipped. He said K. So i can either get them forks or a different set and than sell my stock frontend and buy the motor on my own probably this spring. Should I get the motor or forks first?

eBay Motors: Pit Bike Front end kit, 2007 gpx Forks, Handle bars pad (item 260325347797 end time Dec-31-08 12:22:26 PST)
either the gpx forks or if u want to spend lil just get some dampning rods...
Well I'm going to go with the forks but now I don't know if i should get the forks are motor first.
Take the money and buy a better camera phone. jk If I were you and could either get forks or a motor, I would go for the motor. You can always upgrade forks later, but if you do that now you wont be able to even ride the dang thing...I would rather have something to ride that handled like crap then have a nice suspended bike that cant move under its own power.
Well it is acutally white where I live lol. It was -10 degrees when I went outside today. But I personally could afford forks before I could a motor I think.
Go with KX65 front end. Itll be more than plenty tall enough to level it out. I run a set on my KLX, and they work awesome. There smooth, soak up small stuff great, and still handle very large hits no problem, and the brakes, well, you cant beat em.
XSDGrider said:
Well it is acutally white where I live lol. It was -10 degrees when I went outside today. But I personally could afford forks before I could a motor I think.

Yeah right after I posted that I looked and saw that you were from north dakota and immediately realized that you cant really ride for the next few months lol. I live in southern IL and I cant even ride down here the weather sucks so bad.
Its snowing so bad here I don't even think I will have to go to school tomorrow. :(

How about the RM one that is one here?
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