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Legal advise

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I'm new to this site and figured I can get some help on an issue I'm having. I'm wanting to buy a 2008 Snap-On Mini Chopper 125cc. Was told is street legal but problem is Seller has bill of sell but no title and chopper has never been registered. How can I get the title and have it registered being it has never been registered before and no Certificate of Orgin?
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What state? That will make a big difference. WA take the bill of sale to a tag office, they'll give you a form, then you get it inspected by the state patrol, then back to the tag agency to register it and get a plate, and finally 3 years later you can get a title.

OK, you can probably do a title 42.

There is the vermont title process, but it has changed recently.

And other states have varying levels of difficulty.
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