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Legal advise

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I'm new to this site and figured I can get some help on an issue I'm having. I'm wanting to buy a 2008 Snap-On Mini Chopper 125cc. Was told is street legal but problem is Seller has bill of sell but no title and chopper has never been registered. How can I get the title and have it registered being it has never been registered before and no Certificate of Orgin?
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What state? That will make a big difference. WA take the bill of sale to a tag office, they'll give you a form, then you get it inspected by the state patrol, then back to the tag agency to register it and get a plate, and finally 3 years later you can get a title.

OK, you can probably do a title 42.

There is the vermont title process, but it has changed recently.

And other states have varying levels of difficulty.
If it has a vin tag with frame number and motor number you can register it in California as that’s what I’m doing right now. DMV has to verify the numbers in person or you have to go to the CHP and have them do it
I hope you have some luck. Anything from China is very hard to get a street title anywhere.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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