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leaky carb---major bs

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okay--- ive got a problem. ive got an 88 cc bbk with an 18 mm carb, bbr pipe. a few weeks ago my friend installed (bad idea i know) an 85 jet. ever since then it wont stop leaking gas out of the bottom of the carb. my floaters are not sticking and ive ajusted the needle many times. i dunno whats up
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did you check the overflow screw, at the bottom of the carb. used to drain excess gas from the float bowl.
The float may be adjusted wrong. You may need to bend the "TANG"
I agree with XR50racer. Sounds like he may have tweak the float tab when he was changing the main and it's not closing the float jet now.


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check the bowl gasket, mine is real hard to keep in after I remove the bowl to change anything. race gas makes the rubber gaskets swell so they dont fit in the groove as well. hope this helps.
Also check your float screw when I got mine it was turned half way out causing the bowl to drain make sure it's screwed all the way in.
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