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Last Nights Gundown at Sundown......... 50 rep

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I was riding bmx at my trails last night when i heard a 4 stroke pull up on our little 50 track at the bottom of the hill. Ironically enough it was a vet rider I used to race mx with in the mid 90's. He had an older xr 200 and was cutting a few laps. I went down, talked to him for a minute and he asked if I still had a bike. I laughed and told him i'd be back in a minute. Needless to say when i came back he had no idea what to think of my 50. We rode for about 15 laps and it was a dead heat. The power to weight ratio kept me either right in front of him or glued to the back. ALL I got is a TB kit with a stock head too. I rest assured a 50 with a head would crush an xr 200 cause they don't have enough power for thier weight.

Thats all for now.... 50 rep over and out.
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Thats cool :!: 8) at first i thought you were talking about a shooting :(
Maybe he should have said showdown at sundown instead, i thought he was talking about a shooting to lol.
whats the weight difference on a xr100 and a xr200? my xr100 in a straight line will kill a xr50 with a powroll 81 kit, ported stock head, powroll cam, and fmf powercore 4 pipe. all my 100 has is a big gun pipe.
Yea I was expecting like an old guy with a shotgun chasing him out of his riding spot or something similar. haha
My 50 with race head and all will destroy a xr100.
Its the power to weight ratio. XR 200's are big and bulky with no motor to pull it. I can go faster on this lil kids xr 100. I rode em at the same spot.

Topic sounds misleading it was just cool to be racing a guy i haven't seen in a while. I laughed the whole time cause i was keepin up on a bike 1/4 the size of the other one. 50 rep over and out
THE-KID said:
Thats cool :!: 8) at first i thought you were talking about a shooting :(
yeah me too, I thought a 50 rep got shot.
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