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Regarding the Big Names not having to qualify:

There is also the safety factor. Meaning the heavies as your calling them are a pretty talented group of riders and the organizer has a responsibility to those guys to besure the field has qualified riders in it. It's his job to try and weed out the field through qualifiying of those that are less talented a that may be riding over his head and possibly take out a big name guy. Thus the reason they call it qualifiing? The main guys are just that, the rest are just filler. This exact thing happened at Glen Helen invitational a few years back when someone that really wasn't qualified ended up taking Roncada and banged him up pretty good just before opening day of Supercross. RonRon was not happy. the big guys are out there just for fun and they don't want to risk getting taken out going through qualifiying, besides it makes for a better show and more rewarding to make it through the qualifiers and then get to face your MX idol in person! Besides look how much more track time you'll have compared to them. :lol:
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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