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Lake elsinore 60-80 track

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Well I went out there today and besides the mud i had a realy great time. They groombed all of the lips on the 60-80 track and re built it. They have like 4 10-15 tables, a 35 foot pitchy camel back which is HUGE and some other stuff. With just a little bit of work this track could be the best in so cal. Its the 60-80 track up in the front. Much better then the other pit track. I suggest going out there if your getting board of milestone. they said they would groom it again this week.
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reallly its sick now!!!

_im down that track is a blast
Its sick every once in a while. The layout is great...Only problem is they groom it only like once a month and after that, its just a giant pothole. I was out at milestone today...Fun as hell nice ruts and watercrossings!!! I'll have to check out Elsi sometime this week.
Just got back. It was SICK! That cammel back you were talkin about was huge. That **** belongs in the vet track haha still managed to clear the stepup part of it on my stocker only did a few laps though cuz my mod bike was broken and I'm not quite use to riding bone stocks. Big bikes for the rest of the day which was kinda gay since the Pro and Race tracks were closed.
me and luke417 were out there yesterday

sick track, needs more though

the vet was amazing on my 110! haha so fun
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