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lahaye rolling chassis

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im selling a rolling lahye chassis. all this setup needs is a motor, rear shock, and a loving home.

her is a pic of her with motor and shock in. just picture your motor and shock in their. shes a beauty!!

there she is. contact me via reply or via e-mail with any questions. [email protected]

free delivery within 60 miles of ontario, california.
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Thats Brians bike, why are you selling it? Or did you buy it off him and now your selling it? hm. im confused.
brian........nope my name is matt

and yes im selling it. you want it or what? :lol:
lol yea he bought it from brian but iwthout hte engine,
Prices help!!!!
2300 obo. comes with like new SDG seat. new handlebars. ishock with resv. sprocket and chain.

just no motor.

lol yea he bought it from brian but iwthout hte engine

didnt come with the shock nor the seat nor the bars or the sprocket nor the chain
yea i know lol i was there when he "took off" the shock
What kind of forks are those?
this is your 2nd thread about it! why you selling it right after you bought it?

polini forks.
Any good?
very good.

i need the money now =/
yea those are sik forks when i was riding with brian those forks looked tite ass and he flew over jumps and woops and stuff, it was pretty tite
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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