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KX65 Front End for 110 and Stock/Mod Motor

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I am thinking of selling what I have left for pit bike parts but don't really know what anything is worth anymore. Lets have some offers or some feedback.


I have a complete Front end off a newer style 2004 KX 65. It has heavier springs and oil in them as well. It uses the stock triple clamps with the 110 stem and brand new tapered bearings.

On top of that I have a complete KX 65 swingarm that fits the 110 and would come with just the rear wheel, rear brake set up, and the swingarm.

And finally the Motor!

It is a 110 motor with the original magura hydro clutch (the good one). It also has 4th gear, a billet shift star, and the chp after market output shaft and quick shift shifting arm. The motor is also a 134 with a ported and polished head done by a professional engine builder who does my race motors for my 250s and 450s. The cylinder at less than 1 hour on it.k

I also have a 22mm carb that goes with the motor that I think I would probably add with it all.

I am looking for some help with price's or some offers on these parts. I have a complete bike for the most part minus the shock and a few other small parts. If I sell the motor and front end I would definitely part the rest of the 110 out.

Thanks in advance.

Parts are Located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. PLease PM me offers.
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This is ready to bolt up to a KLX 110.
Yes I am working on some pictures, I was cleaning my garage out and came across the old 110 that never gets rode anymore. I have been getting into sky diving and I want to buy my own rig and stuff and i only ride my big bikes and sky dive so the pit bike can go away for a while. :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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