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KTM 65 Forks onto KLX110 thread

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Found this clean 2000 KTM 65 SX for sale cheaply, aside from the age and being Generation I Marzocchi forks (I'm assuming), is it much of a hassle to mount this frontend onto a KLX110?

Is the 'kit' from PAX racing required?

Anybody do the conversion and make their own adapting parts (not sure what is needed).

Seems like a good cheap donor situation

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That pic of the bike is NOT an '01.

It is a 2002 or newer model.....It has the newer style 35mm marzocchi inverted forks on it. The '01 has the old "right side up" forks, like the KX65.

From the looks of the graphics, the thinner width front rotor w/smaller caliper & the white KTM lettering on the seat.... I'll say it's a 2004!!!

Get it & install the bearing kit....You'll be set!
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