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KLX143 how much should i ask for this?

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Has about 40 hours total on the bike and never raced just ridden at local tracks and trails.

2007 Kawasaki KLX110

2 Bros 143 big bore kit w/ cam and carb jets

2 Bros air filter pod kit

2 Bros chain guide

2 Bros roller kit

2 Bros big bore exhaust

2 Bros peg mount & Fastway pegs

2 Bros heavy duty clutch springs

2 Bros rear shock spring

2 Bros front fork springs

2 Bros tall bar kit w/ billet clamp

2 Bros tall seat

2 Bros over the top brake lever

2 Bros rim locks

MSR folding shift lever

Dunlop D756 tires w/ heavy duty tubes

One Industries Monster graphics

One Industries Monster bar pad

Runs excellent and very fast plus fun to ride. My son has $$$ tied in aftermarket parts plus including some extra parts to go with it. What would you consider is a fair price?



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