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KLX125L with KX 85 front end....looking for springs

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Alright guys I've been looking, searching, & calling all my local shops etc. I can't run down a set of springs for these forks. I did this conversion a few months ago & even raced with it but it is very soft! It has the stock springs in it for like a 90 pound kid.......I'm pushin 225!!! The race tech site tells me what rate to run but its not available (.44ish) . Does anybody know who or if anybody makes the springs for this? Oh yeah 04 KX85 front end. Thanks.
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Thanks guys! I've looked em up & I'll get a set on the way, thanks agian.
gman & HACKMUNCH (cool name) Thanks I've got the springs installed in the forks....had to trim down the deflection guides so the springs would slide over them (inside the forks) the rear spring was easy. Can't wait to give it a test damn cold right now.

Also....has anybody ever broken there frame with the BBR cradle installed or am I the only one? That happened just before a new frame is on the bike as well. I think I'm going to get another cradle but I'd sure like to hear what you guys have to say.

Thanks again!
No frame breaks here but i have had the craddle since day 1. Everyone has rode my bike and beat the crap out of it and jumped some bif stuff and no problems.
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